Student Scholarships

A variety of scholarships are available from private and public sources. Scholarship selection criteria may be based on demonstrated financial need, academic merit, college major, or other specific qualifications. The funding organization determines the scholarship amount, criteria, and deadlines for application. All applications should be available online attached with each Donor scholarship or all ACC Foundation Scholarship. 

Available scholarship categories include:

  • Departmental Scholarships
  • Donor Scholarships
  • ACC Foundation Scholarships
  • Annual Scholarships

Please visit Academic Works to search for and/or see a complete listing of available scholarships. 

General Scholarships

The following scholarships are not associated with ACC. Applicants must contact and submit all required applications and documents to the listed sponsors.

  • Soroptimist Scholarship
    Live Your Dream Awards help offset tuition, student loans, or find reliable childcare so she can worry less about how to pay her bills and focus on reaching her dreams. Learn more.
  • Fastweb Scholarship Database 
    Free search tool for national scholarships. Learn more.
  • "The Dream is Inclusive" Scholarship. Learn more.
  • The Weinstein Firm Annual Scholarship. Learn more.
  • The John B. Jackson Annual Scholarship. Learn more.
  • The Bethune Annual Scholarship. Learn more.
  • The Ted A. Greve Annual Scholarship. Learn more.
  • The Schneider Hammers Annual Scholarship. Learn more.
  • The Joe Durham Annual Scholarship. Learn more.
  • The Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton Annual Scholarship. Learn more.
  • The Scholarship. Learn more.
  • The Aspiring Business Professional Scholarship. Learn more.
  • EDUMED Pharmacy Tech Scholarship & Resource Guide. Learn more.
  • The Upsolve Access to Justice Scholarship. Learn more.
  • The Room 8 Studio Game Design Scholarship. Learn more.
  • Fig Loans Scholarship.  Learn more.
  • Comedy TABC Scholarship.  Learn more.