Fall 2021 at Alvin Community College

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16 Week Classes Begin August 23 — 12 Week Classes Begin Sept. 22 — Mini 2 Classes Begin October 18


ACC Tuition Grant Program

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unexpected challenges in all of our lives. In many cases, it has greatly impacted student’s ability to afford college. To provide relief, ACC is proud to offer financial support to students through the Assistance Program for the Summer 2021, Fall 2021, and Spring 2022 terms.

The more credit hours you take, the more you save!

Credit Hours Non-Dual Enrollment Dual Enrollment
1-5  $200 $100
6-8  $400 $200
9-11  $500 $250
12 and up $600 $300

Visit the ACC Assistance Program page for more information.


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Face-to-Face Instruction

60% Face-to-Face

Instruction will be on campus or at an off-site location on the days/times listed in the class schedule.

Courses or programs require students and faculty to be physically present for classes due to instructional or licensure requirements.

Online Instruction

25% Online

Instruction will be the traditional online delivery with classes being taken at any time with virtual student/faculty interactions.

Online courses provide greatest flexibility for students who have variable schedules due to work or personal commitments.

Hybrid Instruction

15% Hybrid

The majority of class instruction will be online with limited face-to-face instruction for hands-on skills and competency testing.

Students come to campus in small groups on days/times listed in class schedule or as scheduled by faculty.

New Program for Fall 2021!

New Program! Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management