Disability Services Goals

Goals for Working with Students with Disabilities

Alvin Community College provides equal opportunities for academically qualified students with disabilities and ensures access to a wide variety of resources. Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 require that the college make certain special arrangements for students with disabilities by promotion of a physical environment that is barrier free as well as conducive to a positive and productive experience.

The student is expected to take a lead role in becoming responsible and self-reliant by becoming his own advocate in securing services and accommodations which are keys to academic and interpersonal success. This does not mean that less will be required of the student with a disability than of others, but only that reasonable accommodations will be made. Receiving an accommodation is not a guarantee for success in the classroom, but rather a way for all students to have equal access. There is no separate set of guidelines for students with disabilities.

The college will make reasonable accommodations for any qualified students with diagnosed disabilities who have been admitted to the College and request accommodations by consulting with the Coordinator of the Office of Disability Services (ODS), who serves as a liaison between students, faculty and staff. Students are responsible for making their disability known, providing documentation, and working with their instructors. It is important for the student to notify both the ODS and instructors about the disability in a timely manner.