ACC Assistance Program

ACC Assistance Program

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unexpected challenges in all of our lives. In many cases, it has greatly impacted student’s ability to afford college. To provide relief, ACC is proud to offer financial support to students through the Assistance Program for the Summer 2021, Fall 2021, and Spring 2022 terms.

The more credit hours you take, the more you save!

Credit Hours Non-Dual Enrollment Dual Enrollment
1-5  $200 $100
6-8  $400 $200
9-11  $500 $250
12 and up $600 $300

The offer is valid for ALL students taking credit courses only.

For students taking Continuing Education Workforce Development (CEWD) classes, $500 in assistance is also available for Summer semesters only in the following programs:

  • General CEWD
  • CDL
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Clinical Medical Assistant
  • Dental Assistant
  • Machining
  • Medical Office Billing
  • Phlebotomy
  • Pipefitting
  • Veterinary Assistant
  • Welding

If you are brand new to ACC, or have not taken classes in more than a year, the Admissions process must be completed.

*Assistance Program funds will automatically be credited upon registration. No application is required.



Yes, all students enrolled in any credit courses are eligible for this program.

Summer 2021 refunds will be processed beginning July 14. Notify the business office at to receive the refund as an opt out. If you do opt out, the ACC Assistance Program credit will be removed from your tuition and fees balance due. The student account balance should be paid in full or a payment plan setup before refunds are processed.

Yes, students may access Student Planning to update their registration, schedule a virtual appointment with your Pathway Advisor, or email

No, you will not need to complete a FAFSA application. But if you complete a FAFSA and qualify for more funds, your refund will be bigger!

Assistance Program funds will be automatically applied to your account.

You cannot charge books/supplies at the bookstore to this credit balance. The credit will be reimbursed to the student.


Yes, students will receive funds for all 3 semesters while funding lasts.

Yes. If you have financial aid or any type of assistance to help pay your tuition, you will receive a larger refund because of the Assistance Program discount.

Assistance Program funds will either reduce or pay off the payment plan balance depending on the remaining amount due. If already paid, you may choose to receive a refund.

Yes, the balance must be paid in advance of registration.

Yes, eligible students can also apply for CARES Act funds. Please visit the CARES Act page for more information.


If you register during late registration, you will be charged the late registration fee.

From The POD, go to WebACCess>Planning & Registration>Fee Statement.

No, there is no GPA requirement to receive the grant. 

Yes. You will receive an email.

No, the funds will not be refunded to the student.

No, you will not owe any funds. However, if you receive Financial Aid you might owe a portion of it back.


For More Information

Contact the Welcome Center at 281-756-3531 or

Financial Aid & General Questions
Contact the Financial Aid Office via email at

Payment and Billing
Contact the Business Office at 281-756-3593 or

Dual Enrollment
Dual Enrollment students can contact a DE Advisor for more information.

*The Assistance Program will be offered while funds last.