Strategic Plan for Alvin Community College

President's Introduction

The Alvin Community College Board of Regents has designated the college’s number one priority as the development of a strategic plan that guides ACC development over the next five years. We are excited that the college is working with a consulting group, the Collaborative Brain Trust, to assist in the creation of the five year strategic plan.

The planning process is designed to be very comprehensive and will involve many stakeholder groups. Those providing input include Alvin and Pearland Independent School Districts, Alvin-Manvel and Pearland Chambers of Commerce, representatives from the City of Alvin and the City of Pearland, business and industry partners, ACC employees and students, and many others.

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee, composed of a cross-section of ACC employees, will work closely with the consultants to review relevant student success data, survey and focus group data, employee feedback, and a wide variety of data inputs that will help the group discover gaps in programs or services and include areas for improvement.

Undertaking a strategic plan is a challenging process. It causes us to look at our college under a microscope…to investigate areas we can improve and to also explore areas for expansion in order to meet our community needs. It requires that all stakeholders be open and honest in our discussions and that we are courageous enough to have deep, meaningful conversations about the college and where we see its future. It is an exciting time to be at ACC as we define our future and begin to realize all we can become.

Dr. Robert J. Exley
College President

Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan Booklet

Steering Committee

Dr. Stacy Ebert, Dean of Technical Programs
Kelly Klimpt, Director, Information Technology
Wendy Del Bello, Assistant to the President/Executive Director of Development
Vacant, Director of Allied Health
Tammy Giffrow, Executive Administrative Assistant, Office of the President
Johanna Hume, History Instructor
James Langley, Department Chair, Industrial Design Technology
Vacant, Department Chair, Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography
Anna Oskerson, Administrative Assistant, Academic Foundations
Dwight Rhodes, Division Chair, Math and Sciences
Holly Williams, Director of Student Retention

John Matula, Dean of Academics
Patrick Sanger, Director of Institution Research


  • 2015
    • March-April: Conduct Research and Discovery
    • May: Select Breakthrough Strategic Goals
    • June-August: Define Institutional Objectives
    • September: Draft Strategic Plan
    • October-December: Develop Operational Plan
  • 2016


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